Welcome to Our Beauty Blog ?

“Our hair is a statement of style, an affirmation of beauty, and an expression of self-love.”- Adémola Mandella

I came across this quote the other day and it stuck with me as I walked into Canvas. As a hair stylist I believe that it truly embodies how we want our clients to feel about their hair. On a daily basis in the salon we might completely change your hair color or give you that edgy hair cut you’ve been too scared to try for months now. Whatever it may be, our hope is that you feel the way Mandella described hair to be.

We each have our own style or how I refer to it as, how we make our own beauty social. I have this theory that our individual beauty is actually creating a conversation whether spoken or not. It is our individual statement that we carry around with us every day. Here at Canvas we want that conversation to happen whether you are stepping out of our salon for the 10th time or this is your first time visiting us. This blog is here to help continue that conversation outside of your stylist’s chair (unfortunately we can’t give you that awesome blowout every morning!)

So through this blog my hope is to bring you an inside look into our salon as well as education on your hair. I’ll be discussing hair trends, products and styling tips/ tricks. I’ll also be keeping you updated with events our team attends and highlighting our individual stylists monthly so you can get to know who makes up our incredible team here at Canvas!

So welcome to Canvas Beauty Bar’s Blog, where we are taking one more step into making beauty social in the high country.

Yours in Style,

Esther Itterly