This year’s favorite fall product

As a salon that’s constantly evolving, we always strive to offer the best continuing education to our stylists.  In weekly education classes we not only learn new color trends and techniques, but also about the products we use and recommend to our clients.  We have regular product knowledge classes to help us better understand what each individual product offers, and how clients can make the most out of their hair care routine at home. We always want to ensure our clients not only feel good when they leave the chair, but are also able to achieve their desired look at home with their everyday hair care routine.

Below we have asked Chelsey Shore, a stylist at Canvas for over 2 years,  a few questions about her favorite product for this beautiful fall season!

Chelsey is a Silver level stylist who traveled to fashion week earlier this year with the CBB owners Miah and Heather. She is also an EVO educator, and regularly teaches product knowledge classes. If there is anyone who knows these products it’s this girl!

*Which product do you love using most for this season?

I love using “The Great Hydrator” for fall and winter because it’s the main time that people struggle with dry, itchy scalp.

*What do you love about this product?

It rejuvenates the hair and scalp giving it moisture and protein which is so important for the colder months!

*Is there a certain “type” of hair you feel it works best for?

I suggest it to all of my clients with drier/course hair and dry itchy scalps, it soaks into the hair and scalp soothing the irritated skin. The Great Hydrator is a hair mask so I always recommend clients use it in the shower; keep it on for about 10 minutes, rinse and then condition after.

It is our mission to stay social, stylish and educated. We always make sure our clients not only feel great about themselves and the work we’ve done, but to feel confident enough to achieve their favorite styles at home! We hope to continue to lead to high country into fashion, confidence and STYLE.