Stylists Level System

Apprentices are fully licensed stylists, who are still developing their techniques. They assist other stylists in order to learn more about their craft, and higher level stylists will assist them as they work on clients. They take appointments and their work is guaranteed, they just may spend a little more time on each client as they perfect the Canvas Beauty Bar services they are performing. Apprentices are a great option if you are looking for the Canvas Beauty Bar experience, without breaking the bank.

Bronze stylists are graduated apprentices who are still building their knowledge about the industry. Their appointment times will be longer than a higher level stylist, as they are focused on perfecting the Canvas Beauty Bar experience for each of their clients. They are focused on building their clientele and attending weekly education classes to further their career. Bronze stylists are perfect for clients with a little more time to spend in the salon, and who are excited to work with a fresh stylist to create their ideal look.

Silver stylists are established in their experience and skill level. They are focused on refining their techniques (continuing education is always important!), and training the lower level stylists. Their knowledge in product, techniques, and the industry are what make them such an excellent stylist. Silver stylists are a great fit for every client, and we recommend pre booking your appointments to ensure you can always fit in.

Gold stylists are experienced, they teach continuing education for Canvas Beauty Bar, and they will typically have an apprentice they are training daily. They stay booked with clients, and are always assisting lower level stylists in the salon. Days are busy for Gold stylists, so be sure to pre book your services (we recommend a minimum of 4 weeks out for color).

Diamond stylists are the top of the tier system, and their knowledge is the backbone of the Canvas Beauty Bar brand. They focus on their full clientele (sometimes unable to accept new clients), training stylists, and overseeing the salon on a daily basis. Diamond stylists always have an apprentice helping them give a perfect service to clients, and are typically booked 8 weeks out.